The Task Module is designed to automatically schedule and assign recurring Jobs to be done by anyone in your Team. This will save a lot of time, eliminate manual updates, avoid miscommunications and make sure everything will be done in time and by the right person, leaving proof of work reports if desired.

In this Module you can:

  • Automate Recurring Tasks (eg. cleanings and check-ins)

  • Create 1 time Tasks (eg. fix a broken item)

  • Modify/Delete 1 specific Task generated as a Recurring Tasks (eg. cleaning does not need to be done due to booking extension)

  • Assign Tasks to 1 Person or to a Group of Persons (eg. Cleaning Staff or Rental Managers)

  • Supervise or assing Inspectors for the different Tasks assigned to your Team Members

  • Keep a photo report of all Tasks that need it

The Task Module is designed for an optimized use of any Job that has to be done on the go, such as check-ins, cleanings, supervisions and maintenance jobs.

Most Tasks, therefore, are mainly completed via the Mobile App of Rental Ninja.

You will see that in the Default Permissions set for the Cleaning Staff and Check-in Agents roles, they will thus only have access to the Mobile App and not to the Webpage.
However, But you can also use automated recurrent tasks as reminders for punctual administrative stuff, such as refunding damage deposits. Those will be able to be completed and handled through the webiste, by the higher roles, such as Admins or Rental Managers -who typically do these administrative operations-.
To learn more about the Permissions of each Team Role, click here.

First things to keep in mind:

  • Jobs can only be created/modified/deleted by Team Owners - Admins - Rental Managers.

  • Job Creation can only be done from the Web version (not from the Mobile App), however Job completion and inspection can be done from your Mobile Phone - from anywhere you want or ought to be.

  • Job Inspections can only be assigned to Team Owners - Admins - Rental Managers. Jobs can be inspected from either the desktop or the Mobile App.

  • Any Team Member will be able to see the Tasks according to their Permissions and Rental's access.

How to do the Set up?

As explained, we can Automate recurring Tasks, or we can create a punctual one time Task.

Recurring Tasks

One time Tasks

(We recommend you to create a Template and Not Schedule it for the tasks that are recurrent but not directly related to reservations, + have a low frequency periodicity for example Cleaning of A/C Filter every 4 months)

2. Go to the Calendar and Create a Manual/One Time Task

Things to keep in mind:

  • Colour scheme:

  1. Normal bookings are displayed in BLUE, Blockings (unavailable dates) are shown in GRAY. Above each Booking you will see the Tasks that relate to them.

  2. Tasks that need your attention will be either RED when they are passed due, or YELLOW when they are close to the end time-frame available to complete the Task. A typical change in colour happens when a Job is assigned to a Role; any person with that Role AND access to the Rental will be able to claim the Job. Alternatively to claiming the Job, a Rental Manager can assign the Job to 1 specific Team Member or reassign it to somebody else.

  • Usability Tips: Use the arrows on the bottom-right corner to navigate horizontally in the calendar. Advanced TIP: instead, hold the shift key of your keyboard while your mouse is on the calendar and move your scroll wheel.

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