The first step to take to set up your Task Module is to create the Job Templates.

A Job Template indicates what handlings need to be done for each type of Job.
Each Job Template can be divided into as many Projects as needed.

To give you an example, if you are creating a Cleaning Job, this can include:

1. Supervision and damage checkup, 2. Cleaning of the Kichen. 3. Cleaning of the Bathroom. 4. Cleaning of the Bedroom, 5. Picture/Video report upon termination as proof of work, etc.

For each of these Items of the Job, you can request a Picture/Video (or multiple) to be uploaded so you always have visual proof of the Task being correctly completed. If a Picture or Video is requested in the setup of the Template, the Team Member assigned to complete it will only be able to mark the Task as completed if it has at least 1 Picture or Video uploaded.

Not important: after creating the Template, you will schedule them so that they will be automatically generated by the software everytime a reservation is created, or modified.

Only users with one of the following managing Roles will be able to see the views that are described in this section: Team Owners, Admins & Rental Managers.

Step by step

1. Create your Job templates by clicking on the "+" icon.

2. Give it a name and a description.

3. Add as many Items as you want.

4. Decide if you want a Picture/Video to be required to complete each Task

5. Save it by clicking on the small Floppy Disk

After creating the different Job Templates you'll need for your day to day operations, you can go ahead and Schedule Them.

That's when you'll decide: For which Rentals each Template applies, the time frame given to complete each one of them, and who of your Team Members will be responsible of completing each Job. Ultimately, you'll have the option to decide if a scheduled job will need someone inspecting it, and if so, who it'll be.

Keep in mind that only the managing roles can inspect other people's work.


You can leave them prepared for a Manual/One Time Job, you would like to create maybe once every couple of months or just once because an item in on of your rentals broke.

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