In order to know when to do which Job, you will need to schedule them.

As an important initial note, from the moment your Job Templates are Scheduled, every person responsible of each Job, will be notified through a Push Notification on their phone, everytime a Job is created in the system, or everytime there is a modification (for example when Check-in time is changed for a reservation, the system will readjust the time available for completion according to the new checkin or checkout time).

Before starting this step, make sure that you have already created all your Templates. If not done yet, click here to see how to create them.

Step by Step

To Schedule a Job, just click on the "+" button in the “Scheduled Jobs” tab.

1.Give it a Name and a Description

2. Choose if you want the Job to be cancelled when the related Reservation is cancelled as well

3. Choose the Rentals to which you want the Job to be applied

4. Choose the Timing of the Job (learn more about this in this article)

You will see that the start and end dates of the jobs are related to Reservations.

5. Choose the Job Template to be applied

6. Choose WHO you want to complete the Job

You will only be able to see/choose between the Team Members that have access to the Rentals selected in step 3. (Jobs can only be assigned to people that have access to the corresponding Rental of the Job)

Note: You can assign the Job to a generic "Role". This means that ALL Team Members with that role AND access to the Rental (selected step 3) will be able to see the job. The person, who then wants to complete the Job, can claim it for completion when entering in the Task. Everyone else with the same role and access to the rental, will see that the corresponding Job has already been taken.

Or instead of your Team Members claiming it, you can assign the Jobs manually once they have been created by the Scheduled Jobs System. This can be done from the Calendar view of the website, as well as from the Mobile App, if your Member Role allows you to do that (managing roles).

7. Choose if you want someone to Inspect the Job

If you would like someone to “supervise” this Job, you can choose an "Inspector". This person will be in charge of Approving or Rejecting the Job once the Assignee has completed it. If the Inspector rejects the Job, it will be marked as uncompleted and will be shown again on the Current Jobs list (the To Do list).

Only Team Members with the Roles of Team Owner - Admin - Rental Manager can inspect Tasks.

Important Usability Tips

  • The Scheduled Jobs section creates Jobs and relates them to Bookings. This means that if a Booking is modified, the related Jobs will be modified accordingly.

  • The Team Members will be notified on their phones through Push Notifications for any changes in the tasks, such as: Jobs created, dates modified, Job assigned, completed, inspected, rejected or uncompleted. The notifications they receive depend on their Role and their relation to the Job.

  • If you go to the Calendar view (only visible from the Web Version) and put your mouse on top of a Reservation, the related Jobs will be highlighted. And the other way around.

  • The system creates the Jobs 30 days before the Start day of the Schedule Job.

  • Modifications in Booking Related Jobs are updated immediately when the modification of the Booking has been received by Rental Ninja

  • If a Booking changes its dates, the Job will move with the Booking. No need to manually change anything. BUT, If the Booking is modified the day AFTER the finish time, the Job will not be updated.

  • If a Job is assigned to a Team Role (eg. Cleaning Staff) all the members with that Role AND with access to the Rentals of the Scheduled Job will be able to claim the Job. Any person with that same Role, but NO access to the rental will NOT see the Job.

  • If you assign anyone in your Team as an Inspector, a dedicated "Inspection" button on their menu will appear. Anyone who is not an Inspector will not see this button.

  • If anyone in your team has Jobs assigned individually to them (the contrary of assigning it to a generic role), they will only see a button on their Mobile App menu dedicated to "My Jobs", instead anyone with a managing role or assigned to a Job through a Generic Role permission setup, will see a "My Jobs" button as well as a "Team Jobs" button.

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