Who are your Team Members and how to invite them?

Your Team Members are all persons that need to have access to Rental Ninja. This includes the Rental Agency, the Rental Managers (employees of the Agency), Cleaning Staff, Maintenance Staff, Rental Owners and so on.

What they can see depends on the Rol & Permissions you will give them later on.

How to invite your Team Members:

  1. Go to the “Team Member” Tab inside the “Settings” Section on the left side of the “Home Page”.

  2. Click on “Invite User”

  3. Fill in the email address of the person you would like to invite

  4. Choose the Rol you would like to give this person

You will be able to choose which Rentals they have access to after the invitation has been accepted. By default NO Rentals are selected.

Note: You will not see the New Team Member in your Team Member List until they have accepted the invitation.

Note: If you are re-inviting a user that you have invited previously (and the invitation has been expired) or if you are re-inviting a user that has previously used Rental Ninja, they must accept the new invitation to be able to obtain access to your Team.

You are always able to manually modify the permissions per Team Member if you would like to do so.

You can do this by clicking on the “Permissions” button on the Team Member. See above picture.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Be aware that, if you change any of the aspects of the permissions of a user, to activate them, the user must close the mobile app and reopen it again (no need to logout). In fact, mobile phones close apps after a certain time of not using them, so changes will be applied anyway after a certain time.

  • You can use the Search bar to search for Rentals by typing the name of a city, a Rental Owner of a group of Rentals; automatically the related Rentals will be highlighted. If you click on the "Select" button that appears at the right hand side of the bar, you will be selecting the highlighted rentals.

  • When clicking on “Invite New User”, you can see all your already Sent Invitations that have not been accepted yet (in the Screen that opens).

  • Each email address can have only 1 access to Rental Ninja. If a user needs access to different Rental Ninja accounts, they will need to use different email addresses.

  • A Team Member is not the same as a Recipient in the Accounting Module, these are 2 different concepts. To learn more about Recipients, click here.

Advanced Tip! Don't want to wait until your new Team Member accepts the invitation? Invite yourself, create the account in their name and afterwards change the email address of the new member. Ask us for help.

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