What happens if you want to invite a Team Member that previously already had a access to Rental Ninja (in my team or another)?

Textual explanation

Know that the user already has an "account" in Rental Ninja, however currently has NO access to any Team because he is no Team Member of any account.

First, you need to check if the user was previously deleted as a Team Member.

If NOT DELETED, remember that there can only be 1 access to Rental Ninja per email address. Thus: If the user was previously a Team Member from a different Rental Ninja account, the Owner/Administrator of the previous account needs to delete them as a Team Member. If not possible, you will need to invite the user with a different email address.

Learn more here.

If YES DELETED, please go ahead and invite the Team Member again.

Since, the user has already an "account" in Rental Ninja, but no access (see quote above), they will just need to accept the invitation to become a Member of your Team through the invitation received by email.

They can then directly log in with their email address and the previously used password (no matter if they were a Member of the same team or another).

Once done, please make sure they refresh the page to be able to see all details.

Did they forget their password?

Click on "Forget your password?" on the login page or learn more here.

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