What to do when I want to invite someone as a Team Member in my Rental Ninja account, but they are already a Team Member in another Rental Ninja account?

Textual explanation

If you want to invite a new user to your Rental Ninja Account, but he is already a Team Member in another Rental Ninja account, you will NOT be able to invite them with the same email address:

1 Email address can only have 1 access to Rental Ninja.

Thus, if your colleague needs to have access to different Rental Ninja accounts, they will need to use different email addresses.

The user has only 1 email address, what do I do?

If the user has only 1 email address they can opt to use the following trick.

By using a "+" in the middle of the email address, you will trick the software into thinking it is a different email address, BUT the user will still receive all email communication in the same email inbox.

For example:

Important notes

  • Rental Ninja can only be opened/downloaded ONCE (at the same time) per device. Thus, if you have 2 different "accounts" in Rental Ninja, you can have only 1 open at the same time.

  • As a result, you will only receive Push-Notifications of the account that you are logged into on your device.

  • Advanced tip! If you use Rental Ninja on your computer, you could opt to open 1 account in your normal internet browser and the other account in an incognito window.

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