1 - Problems with login?

Ok no problem. What you need to do is to reset your password. To do so, you just need to follow this tour:

2 - I get the message "This password reset token is invalid"

This means that you have taken too long from when you requested the Reset Password email and now, when you are using it. The email specifies for how long the link in the email is valid.

How should I solve this?

You just need to request a new link by email. Click this button to do so:

3 - The phone App tells me "Subscription Expired"

This means that the subscription of your team has ended. This may be caused because the trial period of your team has ended or because the administrator of the account has canceled the subscription. An alternative may also be if there has been problems with the payment of the subscription to Rental Ninja: if the system attempts to do so several times and doesn't succeed, proceeds to the cancelation of the subscription.

In any of the situations, you need to contact the team owner of the account or any of the administrators in your team (Rental Managers in the office of the Agency).

If you are an Administrator of the account and you would like to solve this problem, you need to go to the website, and click on the "Settings" area on the top-horizontal menu. Choose "Team Settings" and then go to "Subscription", on the left-hand side. You will need to make sure you are subscribed to Rental Ninja. More info about this area here.

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