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Sync Availability Blocks with Rentals United
Sync Availability Blocks with Rentals United

How to sync the Blocks created in Rental Ninja with Rentals United - Vacation Rental Management

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How do I make sure that Availability Blocks created in Rental Ninja are send to Rentals United?

In Rental Ninja:

  1. Go to Rentals

  2. View a Rental

  3. Go to iCal Exports

  4. Click on +New iCal Export

  5. Give it a Name (This is an internal name. for example: RN Blocks for Rentals United)

  6. Select the Source of the Bookings you want to export to Rentals United. This should be: Block in Rental Ninja. (When connecting to Rental Ninja through Rentals United, all Bookings of the other Sources should already be visible in Rentals United's calendar).

  7. Click on Create

    Export Availability Blocks to Rentals United with iCal
  8. Copy the iCal export link

Vacation Rental Management: Copy the iCal link

In Rentals United:

Paste the iCal link in the Rental's Calendar so that it will import all the Blockings from Rental Ninja.

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