PreCheck-in Form's Guest DocScan

Digitally Scan Guests' Documentation with Rental Ninja's DocScan Verification System: gather all you need to know. Simple, Safe & Automated

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DocScan for Short and Mid Term Rentals:
Unlocking the Power of Automating the Collection of Guest Documentation

Remember when we had to hold in neverending line at the Airports' Check-in Desk?

This versatile tool is tailored to allow you automatically and safely request your guests to do this tedious part of the job: Scan their Passports or IDs and Contact & Arrival details. it easier for PMs to get all the information they desire.

  • Gather Personal contact information from Primary Guests or everyone

  • Request Arrival details - with flight tracking link.

  • Reconfirm Guest Count for every booking

  • Collect Legal Documentation for Primary Guests or everyone - AI verified 😚

  • Enable Signature if required

  • Allow your guests to share the PreCheck-in Form with their travel partners

  • Simplify Arrival and Check-in process for your travelers

  • Open the door to the new SelfCheck-in Era, safely πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

How and when will your Guests use the DocScan after Booking?

Based on your chosen configuration and the email attempts you set up, your guests will receive an automatically scheduled email from you. In it, together with a thank you note for booking with you, they'll get access to the PreCheck-in Form, with the information fields you chose to collect from them.

In this brief video, you'll witness the complete guest experience when filling out the form

Try Doc Scan today and experience the benefits of effortless data collection.

If you could mentally calculate the time you spend gathering this information manually, you would be terrified. Now, multiply it for the number of guests you host, in every Property you manage, for every reservation held throughout the year. And the years to come...!


In an Era where information is crucial, DocScan emerges as a versatile and indispensable tool for Property Managers to simplify the process of collecting and managing sensitive data from guests.

Getting Started with Doc Scan

How do I activate this tool?

Go to the Guest module under Rental Settings and choose ALL or the properties you wish to activate. Accommodation settings:

Rental Ninja Doc Scan Tool

Please note: if you choose the recommended settings, some properties may be hidden due to conflicting constraints with the settings.

Within the Preference Options, you can choose the set of variables you want your PreCheck/in Form to contain:

  • Require Primary Guest Passport Number & Image

    • Require of ALL Guests

  • Accept any Legal ID

  • Require Doc Scanning with AI Verification

  • Require Primary Guest Postal Address

    • Require Postal Address For ALL Guests

  • Require Primary Guest Signature

All these Options are customizable on a Per Rental basis, which is ideal if you manage properties in different locations, implying different legal requirements; or if you manage different type of Rentals - Short Term, Season & Mid Term, Long Term...

Benefits of Using Doc Scan in the Short Term Rental Industry:

  1. Efficiency: Use DocScan Automation to save time, human resources and cut down financial expenses.

  2. Accuracy & Security: Minimize errors -Scanning validates for you.

  3. Data Protection: comply with industry standards.

  4. Compliance: Guarantee working in accordance with the law

  5. Unification: Instead of multiple external softwares, choose to unify Management and Database.

  6. You'll be a happier human being 🫢

πŸ’‘ Tips: to help you on the configuration of your PreCheck-in Form Settings, you'll find a shortcut with the Recommended Set of Parameters which has proven to guarantee the Highest Completion Success Rate by Guests.

Rental Ninja Recommended Settings
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