Sending a Payment Invoice
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As a business owner or freelancer, receiving professional and organized invoices to from your partners is crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient payment process.

Rental Ninja assists in streamlining the process:

To share the invoice of the payment you'll find the corresponding option below:

Within the Statement and under the payments section, you will locate the Invoice tab.

Next, select the recipient for these documents:

Congratulations! The Invoice will be already send to your Recipient!

If you receive an Invoice from Rental Ninja here is the best steps to proceed:

Once you open this email, you will be able to download the invoice tailored specifically to you.

Within the email, you will find comprehensive details on:

1- The Client: This refers to the individual or business entity that will be receiving this particular invoice.

2- The issuer: This indicates the person or business responsible for creating and issuing the invoice.

3- The Rental Price: This represents the cost of the rental service.

4- The Fees & Services: These are additional charges and services included in the invoice over the rental duration.

5- The Total Amount: This shows the grand total of the invoice, summing up all the aforementioned items.

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