At Rental Ninja we thought that it would be great to create a section totally dedicated to your Guests, where communications with them flow easily, reducing emails/phone calls and Whatsapp messages > reducing workload.

This is why we created the Guest Portal, an online Portal that shows all information put in the Guest Module to your Guests!

Note: You may also want to suggest to your Guests to download our Mobile Guest App to be able to access all the info Offline (downloadable for Google Play Store and the Apple Store).

The pictures above give you a general idea of how the Mobile App and the Online Guest Portal look like and of what you can prepare for your Guests. This way everybody is happy with the version of the App they prefer ;)

Both the App and the Portal are very easy to use + totally customisable for you from the Rental Ninja Website. You will allow your Guests to have access to their Reservation information, make Payments and find all Contact details at any time! (for the mobile version they can even have access to this information without internet connection if they have logged in at least once).

The information shown in the Guest Portal can include:

  • How to get to the property

  • House rules

  • Telephone numbers of interest

  • How to share information reservation with other guest if they are travelling separately

  • WiFi information

  • Payment details (and from the app or web app they can even complete missing payments themselfs)

  • Guide of the apartment Now, to customize this, you have to go to the "Guest Module" section of the main menu of the Rental Ninja website.

Example of a Guide

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