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Mastering configuration: A complete guide to configuration management

In the configuration section, you'll be able to set up your account and update information about your teams and Rentals.

1. Profile Settings:

2 Security:

Change your Password

3 App Login

Easy access to the application

4 Notifications:

Define and customize the notifications you want to receive.

5. Team Settings

Please note that only account owners can view this page.

6. Team Members

Configure and define your Team Members and customize their permissions.

7. Booking Tags

Add and modify booking tags.

8. Rental Owners:

In this section you can edit and create owners and their information.

9. Booking Sources:

Create and modify reservation sources

10. Clients

In this section, you can view the history of all your guests with their current personal data (phone number, email and address).

11. Fees

In this section, you will be able to add all the fees and services that are related to your activity and that can be added in the Booking section.

Please note that this section is only available for reservations created in Rental Ninja.

Become a configuration expert in the property management sector

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