Explore the concept of a timeline and its versatile applications. Learn how to effectively utilize a timeline for managing your STR

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Understanding Timelines and Maximizing Their Potential

The Timeline tab is a very useful tool for keeping track chronologically of what is happening in your business. You will find listed the Reservations created, Payments received, Cancellations, Comments,... Everything that is happening in your Agency.

Specifically, this is a list of the events you will find in your Timeline:

  • Notices

  • Comments

  • New Facilities

  • Images

  • Incomplete Work

  • Cancellations

  • Payments

  • Recovered Structures

  • Retrieved Work

  • New Reservations

  • Check-in/out

  • Facilities Removed

  • Work Completed

Note that all of this will only be available based on the user's permissions. As an account creator or administrator, you will see all events displayed in your Timeline.

To find a particular event, you can use the filters in the menu by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. By clicking on the event, you can directly access the Booking information about that event.

This Timeline tab is also available in the app, with the same filters and event details.

Also, it should be noted that events listed on the Timeline tab can also appear as notifications, again depending on the permissions and settings chosen in the Rental Ninja mobile app configuration.

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