Rental Owners Section

Your Guide to Enhancing Management and Operations in the Rental Owners Section. Optimize your rental business, all in one dedicated hub.

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Rental Owners Section: Elevate Your Property Management

Welcome to the Rental Owners Section in your Account—designed to empower Property Managers in the world of rentals.

As always only some Team Members can edit or access to this information.

As a Property Manager, maximizing efficiency and achieving success are paramount.

In this section, you can create Rental Owners and share information in the Notes section.

How to create and edit their information:

1: Add Rental Owner

2: Internal meaning created in Rental Ninja or in your Channel Manager

3: Preview and Edit the Owners profile

Please remember that only Owners created in Rental Ninja will be able to edit in this section. Owners added from an external Provider will need to be added manually.

You can consistently include his specific information to consolidate all activities and access all details from anywhere.

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