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πŸ“… How to add your Properties to your Rental Ninja Account with ICAL
πŸ“… How to add your Properties to your Rental Ninja Account with ICAL

How can you use ICAL to add properties to your Rental Ninja account?🫢

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Hello! We're delighted to have you here.

It is possible to link your Rentals directly to Rental Ninja using an Ical connection.

In this article, we will explain how to add properties to your account with Ical Ninja.

How do I add rentals to my account using ICAL?

Step by Step

Create your Rentals.

  1. Go to the Rentals Page

  2. You will see that there are Rentals "To be filled", click on them to fill out the needed details.

    There will be as many "To be filled" Rentals visible as you requested during the subscription of the account.

  3. Fill out the name of the property and the sleeping capacity.

  4. Indicate who the Rental Owner is.

    Since you will not yet have created any Rental Owners in Rental Ninja, you will need to do so now. So, click on "Create Owner" and fill out the requested details.

    If needed, you can edit the details of all Rental Owners later by going to Settings > Rental Owners.

5. Fill out the country, currency, address, and zip code of the Rental.

6. Click on "Create"

Great, you have now created your Rental(s)!

Note: If you'd like to add more Rentals to your account, you can always do so by going to the Rentals Page and clicking on "+ Add Rentals" on the lower right side of your screen.

Next, how to connect your Rental to the Booking Channels with iCal?

First, Booking Sources.

  1. Create your Booking Sources by going to Settings > Booking Sources

  2. Click on "Create Booking Source"

  3. Fill out the name of the Source you want to create and click on "create"

Next, link the Rentals to your Booking Channels.

  1. Go to Rentals

  2. Open a Rental

  3. Go to "iCal Imports"

  4. Click on "+ New iCal Import" on the lower right side of your screen

import Rentals to Rental Ninja

5. Give the Sync a name.

6. Fill out the ICAL URL that you retrieved from Airbnb,, or any other Booking Channel you'd like to connect to Rental Ninja.

7. Choose the Source you want to link with.

8. Save it

You can import as many Syncs as you'd like to, in case you want Rental Ninja to receive the information of various channels.

Do you also want to Export the Ical information from Rental Ninja to the Booking Channel?

You can do so through the Export Sync option.

  1. Go to iCal Exports and click on "+New iCal Export"

export iCal to Airbnb

2. Give it a Name.

3. Choose which Bookings you would like to export through the iCal link (Bookings can be filtered by Booking Source)

Rental Ninja for Airbnb

3. Click on Create.

4. Now, copy the Export link and paste it into the desired Booking Channel.

You can create as many export links as you'd like and copy the links easily from Rental Ninja.

Copy iCal to Booking Channel

Done, you have now linked your Rental to your Booking Channel(s).

From now on, Rental Ninja will automatically receive the Booking details shared by the external Channel(s) through their ICAL link.

Apart from receiving Bookings through the ICAL links, you can also Create/Edit Bookings/Blockings directly in Rental Ninja.

Before doing so, it is important that you create your Fees inside Rental Ninja to indicate what "extras" you can charge to your Guests aside from the Rental Price.

Examples of Fees: Cleaning Fee, Tourism Tax, Pet Fee, Late Check-in Fee, Welcome Package, Extra Linen Fee.

First, how can I create Fees?

  1. Go to Settings > Fees

  2. Click on "Add Fee"

  3. Give it a name

4. Indicate what kind of Fee it is.

5. Indicate the value/rate

6. Click on "save"

Done, you can create as many Fees - with different values- as you'd like.

Note! It is possible manually edit the values of the Fees inside each Booking.

How do I create Bookings/Blockings directly in Rental Ninja?

You can create Bookings/Blockings from various sections in Rental Ninja:

  • Through the Bookings list (Occupied - Arrivals - Departures tabs)

  • By going to: Rentals > View a Rental > Calendar/Future/Past tabs.

From there, you will be able to create the Booking:

1. Click on "+ Create"

2. Choose if you want to Block dates or Create a Booking

Block dates:

3. Choose the Dates

4. Optional: Add Notes

5. Click on "Save"

Create a Booking:

3. Choose an already existing Client/Guest in the file or create a new Client/Guest

4. Indicate the Guest Amount

4. Indicate the Booking Source

5. Choose the Dates

6. Indicate the Rental Price

7. Optional: Add Fees, such as a Cleaning Fee, Tourism Tax, Welcome Package, etc. (These Fees need to have been set up beforehand in Settings > Fees)

8. Optional: Add a Damage Deposit amount

9. Optional: Add Notes

10. Click on "Save"

Done, you have created your Booking/Blocking.

Finally, you can set up the automation of your account. To do so, read this article:

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