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Discover the importance of net accounting statistics for effective financial management. Learn how to interpret your data.

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Optimize your company's financial health with Net Statistics.

The Accounting Statistics show you the NET figures of what each of your Recipients earn.

It is defined as Money Paid over Time.

In other words, it shows you an overview of the incomes of all the Payments created in the Accounting Module of Rental Ninja, which equals to the summary of the Net Income of your Recipients.

When opening the Graphs, you will see a summary of all incomes.

Since these graphs are created with the use of the Payments of the Accounting Module, it does not include the Channel Commission and it will clearly indicate what everyone has earned separated per concept type (Bookings, Fees, Taxes, Other, Expenses).

The Graphs can be filtered per Period and Recipient. It will allow you to compare different periods with each other to get a good overview of how the actual state of business is through the overview and the breakouts.

These details can be exported as an image or into Excel.

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