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How to use Rental Ninja as a Housekeeping Agent/Check-in Agent?
How to use Rental Ninja as a Housekeeping Agent/Check-in Agent?

Instructive article for Cleaning Staff and Check-in Agent on how to use the Task Module of Rental Ninja

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What is Rental Ninja?

Rental Ninja is the software your agency uses to manage their Rentals. It allows your manager to have smooth daily operations, manage cleanings, check-ins and maintenance matters, as well as improve the internal communication with the entire Team.

On a daily basis, you will most likely use the Mobile App only, however note that all functions are also available on our webpage.

What can I, a Cleaning/Check-in Agent, do with Rental Ninja?

  • Check what Cleanings/Check-ins I should do in the coming period through the To do list or through the Calendar view

  • See for how many Guests I need to prepare the apartments

  • See if there are any special requests to take care of by checking the Booking Tags inside a Booking

  • Add Pictures / Videos to a Job to indicate the status of the cleaning/check-in I performed

  • Let my Team/Supervisor know I completed the Cleaning/Check-in

  • Add & Share Comments on a Booking with the entire Team in Rental Ninja to notify everyone of any broken items or special requests. You can tag/mention Team Members in the Comments should you like to.

  • Chat with my Team through Rental Ninja

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