How to get my ICAL link from Airbnb?

Learn how to effortlessly obtain your iCal link from Airbnb with this comprehensive guide. Discover how to seamlessly integrate your Airbnb

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Are you working with ICAL Ninja and you'd like to import the ICAL link from Airbnb into Rental Ninja?

Where do I get the ICAL link from Airbnb?

  1. Open your Airbnb Account

  2. Make sure that your are on the Host version of Airbnb. (not Airbnb for Guests)

  3. Click on Menu

  4. Go to Calendar

  5. Click on the Listing from which you'd like to get the ICAL link

  6. Click on Availability

    Airbnb iCal link
  7. Click on Connect to another website (you have to scroll down in the side menu to see this)

    Connect Airbnb iCal calendar to another website
  8. The link that is shown in Step 1, is the one you should copy.

Connect to another website with Airbnb

Where should I paste the ICAL Link in Rental Ninja?

  1. Go to Rentals in Rental Ninja

  2. Open a Rental

  3. Go to "iCal Import"

  4. Click on "+ New iCal Import" on the lower right side of your screen

    import Airbnb iCal into Rental Ninja
  5. Give the Sync a name.

  6. Fill out the ICAL URL that you retrieved from the Airbnb, or any other Booking Channel you'd like to connect to Rental Ninja.

  7. Choose the Source to which you want to link this Sync > For this step, it is essential that you have created your Booking Sources. To learn more about this, please consult the following article: How to work with ICAL Ninja.

  8. Save it

You can import as many Syncs as you'd like to, in case you want Rental Ninja to receive the information of various channels.

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