How to change the timing of a Job?

Flexible Job Scheduling, Modify time frames for scheduled jobs in property management before and after the tasks were assigned.

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If a Job was previously created with a certain time frame, you can always modify this by editing the Job.

You can modify the timing at any time: before and after the Job has been completed.

You can modify the time frame of a Manually created Job, but also of a Job coming from Scheduled or Recurring Job series without it affecting the entire series.

How do I change the timing of 1 Job?

  1. Open the Job you would like to edit.

    You can access the Job from the Task Module or from within the Tasks section inside a Booking.

  2. Go to the Edit mode

    Rental Ninja Task Module
  3. Search for the section: Job Generation Settings

  4. Change the time frame

    IF the Job belongs to a Scheduled Jobs series, you will first need to unlink the Job from the dates/times of the Booking.

    Note that, by unlinking this option, the Job will not be modified anymore if there are any changes in the related Booking.

    Rental Ninja Task Module
    Rental Ninja Task Module
  5. Click on Save

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