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Learn how effortless guest communication is made easy with Rental Ninja's PreCheck-in Form & Online Guest Portal/Mobile App.

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Our Guest Module will enable a smoothless check-in process for your Guests through automated communications. Forget about sending endless emails and reminders to your guests before their arrival and have them check-in on easily without your help.

The Guest Module offers the following features:

Improve Guest Check-in Experience:

The Pre Check-in Form will be sent through an automated email to your Guests. (You can send up to 3 reminders by mail + a sms reminder.)

It will request the following details:

  • Arrival details: estimated time of arrival, transportation

  • Contact details.

    • Passport details + picture of legal document (optional)

We have also developed a new Tool in order to improve your Guest experience and solve human errors when introducting them.

If you are looking to configure the Pre Check-in, click in here.

All information filled out in the Form will be saved as a Note in the Booking + can be accessed at all times from your Desktop + Mobile App.

After filling out the Form, they be able to access to our Online Guest Portal, by clicking on the "Go to Guest Portal" button, where they will find all details shared by you.

Both the App and the Portal are very easy to use + totally customisable for you.

The Guests can have access to this information without internet connection if they have logged in at least once on the Mobile Guest App,

In the Guest Portal they will find the following details:

  • The address of the property with a link to maps

  • Contact phone number

  • WiFi details (optional)

  • Maintenance phone number (optional)

  • Short introduction text about your agency

  • Self Check-in details, including a description + lock box code. The code can be hidden until check-in time + until the payment of the Booking has been completed (optional).

  • The Booking's payment status. Depending on the Channel Manager you work with, the Guests will be able to complete the payment of their stay through this section.

  • Guide/Welcome Book, in which you can share check-in/out instructions, explanations on how to arrive and where to find the keys, the house rules & norms, instructions on how to use the property's equipment. This can be done with the use of text, images, videos and links.

The name/logo of your Company are clearly visible in all communications.

Pre Check-in email:

Rental Ninja Pre Check-in email:

Pre Check-in SMS:

Rental Ninja Pre Check-in SMS:

By clicking and accessing the PreCheck-in code, you Guest will be able to choose the language and provide their personal information. ( you can edit and configurate this under this article : Pre Check-in form / General Settings )

Rental Ninja Pre Check-in

Once the user has completed the Pre Check-in form, he will have access to The Guest Portal.

If you are looking to configure the Guest Portal, click here:

Last page of Pre Check-in Form with link to Guest Portal:

Online Guest Portal:

Rental Ninja Guest Portal

If you are looking to configure with the Guides, please click here to view the article:

Rental Ninja Guest Portal

How to Set it up?

  1. In this section, you will decide for which Rentals you want to automatically send the Form, when to send it and what legal details should be requested. It will also ask you to introduce your company's emergency phone number and a short introduction text about your company.

  2. In this section, you will indicate the contact numbers, WiFi details and self check-in information. Moreover, should your Channel Manager not send a Rental Profile Picture with us, it allows you to add a Guest Portal Image slider.

  3. Create your Guides with the use of headers, text boxes, pictures, videos and links.

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