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Rental Ninja solution Best Pricing plans in the Market. Included all the needs and features for PMs, in their operations and automation.

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Unveil the Power of Rental Ninja: Features of Each Plan!

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Pro Plan (Only PMS)

The Pro Plan offers a robust Property Management System (PMS) designed to streamline your operations. It includes four main features:

  • Team Communications: Efficiently manage internal communications and keep your team connected.

  • Tasks Management: Organize and track all tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Guest Communications: Simplify and enhance communication with your guests for a seamless experience.

  • Financial Management: Keep your finances in check with comprehensive financial tracking and reporting tools.

Additionally, this plan supports integrations with top platforms such as Rentals United, Smoobu, and Smily.

Pricing: The cost of the Pro Plan decreases as the number of properties increases, ranging from €15 to €3.6 per property.

Growth Plan (Channel Manager and PMS)

The Growth Plan includes everything in the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Channel Management Connect with over 50 Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to maximize your property’s visibility and bookings.

  • Own Website: Create and manage your own professional website to attract direct bookings.

  • Intelligent Pricing: Optimize your rental prices with smart pricing tools to increase revenue.

This plan is perfect for those looking to expand their reach and automate more aspects of their property management.

**Pricing**: The Growth Plan costs €2 X Property per month plus 1% of the rental price (extra services not included in the calculation).

Pro Connect Plan

The Pro Connect Plan offers the same extensive features as the Growth Plan, including all PMS functionalities, channel management, website creation, and intelligent pricing. The primary difference lies in its pricing structure.

Pricing: This plan charges a fixed price per property, ranging from €25 to €8, depending on the number of properties managed.

These three plans cater to different levels of property management needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business.

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Side notes

  • Both Plans are available as a Monthly and Yearly subscription.

  • Yearly subscriptions offer 2 months free!

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