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Discover the essential elements of an effective invoice layout. Learn what key details should be displayed on your invoice to ensure clarity

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Streamline your invoicing process with a well-structured layout in Vacational Rental Invoices

Learn what details are shown in Rental Ninja Invoices?

Header & Footer

Logo: To setup the logo go to the Team Settings of your Account (for all Invoices)

Invoice number: Automatically generated by Rental Ninja. It is a sequential number per Recipient. In other words: All Invoices generated by 1 Recipient (as the sender) have sequential numbers. The first Invoice ever created by the Recipient ends with the number 1,

the next one 2, etc...

For example in the screenshot below you can see Invoice number is: RN-259-39.

This refers to: RN-Recipient number-39th Invoice issued by this Recipient

Issue date: the date chosen when Invoice is generated

Header: This is set up in the Recipient's setup of both Recipients (issuer and receiver)

Footer: This is set up in the Recipient's setup, that is the Issuer of the Invoice.

Header, Logo, Issue date:

Invoice layout Rental Ninja


Invoice layout Rental Ninja

Recipient setup:

Invoice layout Rental Ninja

Invoiced concepts

Rental price: all incomes coming from a Rental price element

Fees: all incomes coming from a Fee element

Tax: all incomes coming from a Tax element

NOT included in Invoices:

Other: these elements are used to extras to Payments, but that should NOT be included in the Invoices

Expenses: Negative amounts can NEVER be added to an Invoice. To reflect negative amounts, the Payment document is used.

How are the Invoices organised?

  1. Invoices are organised first on the elements: Rental Price, Fees and Taxes

  2. Then, per Rental. Not Rental related items come last.

  3. Lastly, Chronologically

Invoice layout Rental Ninja
Invoice layout Rental Ninja

Important notes

  • If no details are added to the Footer box in the Recipient's setup, no footer will be created in the Invoices of this Recipient

  • Recurring Items, suchs as Rental price items and Fees are added to the Invoice in the corresponding element's section.

  • Recurring Expenses are NOT added to any Invoices

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