Read the below article if you'd like to edit a previously created Job.

The below explained handling will only allow to change 1 Job at the time.

IF the Job is part of a Scheduled Jobs series, by doing these handlings you will only change the 1 Job you have open at the time.

You can access the edit mode of a Job from different pages:

A. Task Calendar

B. My Jobs/Team Jobs list

C. From within a Booking

A. From the Task Calendar:

1. Click on the Job in the Calendar View

2. Click on “View”

3. Click on “Edit”

B. From the My Jobs/Team Jobs list:

1. Click on "View Task"

2. Click on "Edit"

C. From within a Booking:

1. Click on "View Task"

2. Click on "Edit"

What can I edit?

You can edit any details of the Job:

  • The title + description

  • The priority

  • Time frame

  • The manually created (sub)Tasks to be done in the Job OR the Job Template itself

  • The Assignee

  • The Inspector

    Remember that only Team Member with the Role of Team Owner - Administrator - Rental Manager can inspect Jobs AND they need to have access to the Rental related to the Job.

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