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Learn how to access and view Booking details, and discover the comprehensive information provided in this informative article.

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You can access all Booking details through Rental Ninja and have your Team access them.

Certain Booking details can be filtered out through the Access & Permissions settings of each Team Member.

How do I access my Booking details for my Vacation Rental Software?

  • Through the Booking list: separated per occupied, arrivals, departures, future and past Bookings. The Bookings can be filtered by Rental(s), Booking Source, Booking Tag, Cancelled Bookings and Unavailability Blockings. (The arrivals and departures list can also be filtered by date)

  • Through the Calendar: monthly horizontal calendar. Can be filtered by Rental(s) and Booking Source.

  • Through the Rentals section. Through the yearly calendar view or the Bookings list.

  • Through the Timeline: all events are related to a Booking, which you can access through the related Booking button.

  • Through the Task module*: if a Job is related to a Booking, there is a related Booking button + all Bookings are shown in (and accessible through) the Task Module Calendar.

What details are shown in each Booking?

  • Booking number

  • Guest Login code (for the Guest Portal*)

  • Guest details (name, contact details, amount of guests)

  • Check-in and -out day and time

  • Booking breakdown and the Payment details/status

  • PreCheck-in Form details + direct Guest Portal access*

  • PDF Guide (Guest Module feature)*

  • Timeline of the Booking

  • All Jobs related to the Booking (including their status: (un)completed, to complete)*

  • All Photos uploaded to the Booking (Photos/Videos uploaded in Jobs related to the Booking will be added here)

Web view

Rental Ninja Booking View

Mobile App*

Rental Ninja Booking View Mobile

*Professional plan features

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