Rental Ninja allows you to communicate with your Team in different ways, while keeping all the details in the same platform making sure not to lose any important data!

Different options:

  • Rental Ninja Chat

    The internal chat, accessible for your Team Members, allows them to chat with you and their fellow Team Members in private and/or group conversations. Learn more about the Chat here.

  • Notes and Comments in all Bookings

    Share any details about Bookings/Guests with your Team Members: keep everyone informed. Both are added from within a Booking by going to the corresponding section. Learn more about Notes and Comments here.

  • Picture reports

    Take and/or share Pictures in your Jobs, Bookings or Rentals itself to share important visual details with your Team*

  • Video reports

    Create and share Videos with your Team through the Task Module*

Each of these functionalities can be filtered by the Permissions of the Team Members.


  1. Push-Notifications: All new Comments, Fotos, Videos and Chat messages are communicated to you through Push-Notifications.

  2. Timeline: All new added Comments, Fotos and Videos are added to the Timeline as a new event allowing you to trace them back quickly.

  3. Notes and Comments may be synchronised with your Channel Manager depending the Channel Managers you work with. Ask us for more details.

  4. The Chat, Pictures and Videos are exclusive Rental Ninja features.

*The Task module (including video uploads) is accessible for Professional Plan users only.

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