The Rental Ninja Chat function

Chat with any of your Team Members through Rental Ninja & Centralise communication!

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Don't have the phone numbers of all your fellow Team Members? Or do you want to centralize all the internal communications on 1 software?

Use the Chat function in Rental Ninja AND forget about Whatsapp, IMessage, WeChat, Sms, or any other extra messaging service.. :)

The Chat allows you to talk to ANY of your fellow Team Members and have all details centralised in 1 application.

What can I do with the Chat?

  • Have one-on-one AND/OR group conversations.

  • Chat AND share pictures with your fellow Team Members

  • Receive a Push-Notification whenever someone send me a direct Chat message

How to Chat with your Team Members - one on one?

  1. Go to Chat in the main menu

  2. Click on New Chat

  3. Click on the Team Member with whom you'd like to chat

  4. It will immediately load the conversation for you so you can send your first message in this conversation

How to create a group Chat?

  1. Go to Chat in the main menu

  2. Click on New Chat

  3. Click on New Group

  4. Choose the participants

  5. Click to go to the next page

  6. Add a group picture and set a group title

  7. Save by clicking on the small floppy disk on the upper right side of your screen

  8. Send your first message in the group Chat

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