Don't have the phone numbers of all your fellow Team Members?

Use the Chat function in Rental Ninja AND forget about Whatsapp, IMessage, WeChat, Sms, or any other extra messaging service.. :)

The Chat allows you to talk to ANY of your fellow Team Members and have all details centralised in the application.

What can I do with the Chat?

  • Have one-on-one AND/OR group conversations.

  • Chat AND share pictures with your fellow Team Members

  • Receive a Push-Notification whenever someone send me a direct Chat message

How to create a group Chat

Step by step:

1- Open the Chat in the App through the main menu

2-Click on the Message button on the lower right side of your screen

3-Click on "New Group"

4-Choose the participants. When done, click to go to the next page

5-Add a group picture and set a group title

6-Save and send your first message in the group chat

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