To make sure all Team Members clean, prepare and/or perform their Jobs in the same standardised way, it is possible to share example pictures with them.

There are different ways to do so:

1.Create a group Chat with the involved Team Members

Through the Chat function on the App, it is possible to create group Chats. To make use of this function, it is recommended to create a group Chat for each Rental and invite all the related Cleaning Staff (or Check-in agents, etc).

You will be able to share any picture with the related Team Members through a Chat. They can access this information at all times by going to the Chat function and open the corresponding group.

For example: we have created a group for all Cleaning Staff of Chalet Watermelon so that we can inform them how we would like them to prepare the apartment at all times:

How to create a group Chat?

1- Open the Chat in the App

2-Click on the Message button on the lower right side of your screen

3-Click on "New Group"

4-Choose the participants. When done, click to go to the next page

5-Add a group picture and set a group title

6-Save and send your first message in the group chat

2. Add the examples pictures to the Rental itself

It is possible to add Rental pictures within the Rental section of each property. These pictures can be seen by anyone with access to the Rental and with the Permission "Can view Rental Pictures" activated.

Rental pictures can be added AND accessed at all times by going to:

1- The Rental section> select a Rental > Pictures/Media tab. To see the Rental pictures ONLY, you should filter out Booking and Payment pictures through the Filter on the upper right side of your screen.

2-The Pictures/Media section > Filter: choose your Rental > Filter: filter out the Payment and Booking media

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