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What is the difference between Notes and Comments?

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Notes and Comments are two ways to share details about a Booking with your fellow Team Members. (text only)

Both concepts are always related to a Booking and can be found inside the Forum tab of a Booking.


  • Notes usually contain private sensitive details on a Booking that should not be shared with all Team Members, for example: payment details.

  • Notes do NOT generate Push-Notifications nor Timeline events.

  • Can be accessed / added from the Web + mobile app.

  • By default, Notes can only be accessed by higher Roles and the Check-in agent


  • These are comments/details about a Booking that will be shared with your fellow Team Members

  • It is thought to share important details with your entire Team to keep everyone in the loop of all, for example: baby crib requested, provide extra linen, prepare sofa bed, early check-in request, duvet feather allergy, etc.

  • A Push-Notification / Timeline event is created when a Comment is added.

  • It is possible to tag/mention Team Members in the Comments, so that only they receive a Push-Notification of the Comment.

  • Can be accessed / added from the Web + mobile app.

  • By default everyone, except the Rental Owner and Member, have access to Comments.

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