In case anyone needs to report a broken or missing items in a property, for example during a cleaning or check-in, they can quickly inform the rest of the team through Rental Ninja, by:

  • Uploading Pictures or Videos in a Job

  • Adding a Comment in a Booking

  • Uploading Picture in a Booking

How to do this?

Upload a video/picture In a Job

  1. Open the Job

  2. Open the Task (element inside the Job) to which you want to add the picture or video

  3. Click on Add Picture/Image or Add Video

Keep in mind:

  • Videos can be max. 1 minute

  • On the mobile app you can add picture/videos by taking them directly with your camera or by uploading them from your gallery.

Add a Comment in a Booking

  1. Open the Booking (from the Bookings section or from the Job).

    To open the Booking from the Jobs list, open the Job and click on the BLUE Booking number:

  2. Go the Comments section (Notes in Mobile App).

  3. Click on Add Comments (chat box symbol in Mobile App)

Upload a picture in a Booking

  1. Open the Booking (from the Bookings section or from the Job).

  2. Go the Media/Photos section

  3. Browse to add a file (web) OR add a picture from your gallery or your camera (mobile app)

Advanced Tips

  • You'll receive a Push-Notification on your mobile phone whenever a Comment is added to a Booking, a Picture is added or a Job is created for you. (This depends on the Access & Permissions you have.) Also, a Timeline event will be created for each of these events.

  • Create a Manual Job to fix the reported broken item so that the person in charge can take care of it. Make sure to assign it to the right person! Learn how to do this here

  • Share the Pictures/videos internally or externally: with your Team, guests or with the Booking channel (in case you need to report any incidents to claim money): Click on the Share button on the mobile app or copy and share the URL from the webpage:

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