Both the "My Jobs" and the "Team Jobs" lists will show the Jobs created for the Team Member(s).

My Jobs

  • Jobs assigned to me or to my Team member Role (eg. Cleaning Staff) for the Rentals I have access to.

  • The My Jobs list can be filtered per Rental.

Team Jobs

  • All Jobs created in the Team.

  • The Team Jobs List can be per filtered per Rental, per user, per Scheduled Job and/or per keyword in the Job name.

  • It is possible to export the Completed Jobs in an Excel (thes details can be filtered per time period, Rental, user, Scheduled Job type, or Job name)

  • The Team Jobs section can only be seen by higher Roles (Team Owner, Administrators, Rental Managers).

  • The Team Member can only see the Team Jobs for the Rentals they have access to according to their Permissions.

Examples / Use cases

  1. Quickly check how many Jobs have been performed by your Cleaning Staff in the this or past month in the Rentals on a certain location by using the filters in the Completed Team Jobs list:

  2. If you create manual Jobs for Accounting purposes to remind yourself/your team to add the extra items to the Accounting at end of the month, we recommend you give all the Accounting related Jobs a keyword, such as "Accounting", so that you can filter them out in the Team Jobs list:

Advanced Tips

You can export the Completed Jobs list to see how many Jobs were completed by a specific Team Member during a specific period.

Moreover, the excel will show you how much time was spent on each Job. This means, that if you update the start and finish time according to the actual spent on the Job by the Team Member, you can easily calculate the total time spent on all Jobs by the Team Member for the selected period.

Thus, if you pay the user per hour, you can easily calculate how much to pay them with the use of this excel (by adding 1 column with their hourly rate and multiply this).

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