What are Booking Tags?

Booking Tags are labels you can give to your Bookings. This can be anything from special requirements, status or notices that occur frequently.

A Tag will allow you easily identify these notices and to make sure that your team is aware of all of them at all times.

Textual explanation

How to use the Tags?

The Tags can be used in different ways:

  1. See, add and delete them to any Booking/Blocking.

  2. Filter the Bookings with certain Tags in the Bookings list

  3. See the Booking Tags by clicking on the Booking link in each related Job.


  • Baby crib

  • Early check-in / late check-out request

  • Welcome package

  • Booking Extension

  • Clean & ready to check-in

  • Return guest

  • Complaint received

User Cases

  1. Several guests have requested a baby crib and I, as the manager, want to check how many are needed this week so I can prepare them for the cleaning staff. By going to the Bookings list > Arrivals tab, I can filter the Bookings for this week and ONLY select the Bookings with the Tag "Baby crib":

2. I am a check-in agent and I want to have a quick overview of the Rentals that are already cleaned and ready for the next guests. Maybe I can arrange an early check-in if requested?

IF the cleaning staff or manager add the Booking Tag "Clean & ready to check-in", I can filter all these Bookings in the Arrivals list.

Advanced tips

  • If your Channel Manager supports Booking Tags, these will by synced with them.

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