First of all, what is a Statement?

A Statement shows the summary of the incomes from all Bookings within a specified period and for the selected Accommodations only.

Where can I find the PDF documents?

You can obtain these documents by going to your Statement and click on:

1- The blue button "Email". Then, choose or fill out your email address to self-send it to you.

Or, you can directly send all these documents to your owners, service providers, colleagues, etc. by using this button.

2- The "Export" button and choose "PDF Eport".

You can also export all to Excel.

The documents will be downloaded in a ZIP file. After unzipping the file, you will find the following documents + folder:

Which documents are downloaded and what do they entail?

1. Booking Breakdown

This document shows the list of Bookings included in the Statement, ordered by date & by Rental. It shows the pricing details off all Bookings, detailing all booking elements: the Rental Price + any Fees and/or Taxes (& the Final Price). It also shows the Guest's name, the Booking nights, Booking Source, etc ..

Example of 1 Booking included in a Booking Breakdown document:

2. General income

This document shows the summarised information from the Statement: what you see on the Statement page in your Account.

To elaborate, it shows the Income per concept.

If there are multiple Rentals included in the Statements, the Incomes of the different concepts are first shown globally and then per Rental.

Besides that, you can see (1) the number of Bookings received per Rental, (2) the number of people hosted, (3) the number of nights booked.

Important! Bookings are completely included in a Statements according to their check-in dath, thus the number of many nights included in a month's Statement is not to be confused with the number of nights occupied during the same month.

Thus, you will see, the Income linked to each different Booking element for each Rental: Rental Price, Fees (For example the Cleaning, City Tax), but also the Income linked to the Platform Commissions (the Airbnb or commissions) etc.

First, everything is shown in a generic table.

Next, you have a table for each different concept: 1 table for the Platform commissions (OTA), 1 table for the Fees etc..

3. Net Income per Recipient

This last document shows what each Recipient should earn.

A Recipient is any person/company that needs to earn money from the Bookings included in the Statement.

For example: the Rental Agency, the cleaning company and/or the Rental Owner.

First, you'll see the Incomes of all the implicated Recipients individually - separated per Booking element: Rental Price, Fees, Taxes and Expenses.

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