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2022 Q1 Rental Ninja New Developments
2022 Q1 Rental Ninja New Developments
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We have been quiet again for some time, we know..., but that doesn't mean that we haven't been doing anything! Actually, we have put our Ninja skills at work and have developed and been implementing quite some changes this past quarter.

In the following list, find all the most relevant developments (19!!!) for you:

  • Bookings list / view

  • Guest Portal and PreCheck-in Form

  • Task Module

  • Accounting Module

  • Other website improvements

Bookings list View

  1. Bookings' status + Color Schema improved: you'll now easily detect Blockings and Tentatives in a very visual way

  2. Bookings List: New Filter "By Booking Source"

  3. Bookings List now has a dedicated column to display PreCheck-in Status quickly

  4. New Blockings created from Rental Ninja Mobile App are now advised by a (Push-)Notification: New Booking Created

    AND an automatic Note will be added: Block created by (Team Member's name)

  5. (App and Web) List of Related Tasks now accessible from within each Booking's view


  6. Create Tasks from within a Booking (Mobile App + Web). See explanatory video

Guest Portal and PreCheck-in Form

  1. See PreCheck-in Status from App's booking list

  2. Send PreCheck-in Form from App

  3. Improved Design of PDF Guide.

Task Module

  1. Tasks list Design improvements

  2. Dates Filter in Team Jobs View and Completed Jobs

  3. Duplicate Job Templates

  4. Booking Source visible within Task View (Modal pop-up)

Accounting Module

  1. Duplicate Recipients Strategies. See explanatory video

  2. Include logo in Invoices + Accounting Documents

  3. Be able to reset parts of the Payments only vs. resetting the entire Payment.

Other website Developments

  1. Money related Statistics of the Control Center are now included in the Money Related Permissions.

  2. Timeline new Filter Modal

  3. Rentals Section: Easily switch from one property to another.

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