Clients with Incidences

Learn how to effectively account for extra incomes, including incidences and damages such as damage deposits and cancellation fees.

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There are specific cases where you are charging an amount of money to your Guests, because of incidents generated during their stay like a broken door, damages to the sofa, a broken mirror or you need to account cancelled Bookings instead.

As this money is an income not coming directly from a Booking, it will not appear automatically in the Booking Breakdown of a Bookings and thus also not in the Accounting Statement & Payments.

To have these extra costs reflected in your Accounting, you will need to add them manually to the Payments.

Extra items always need to be balanced out since they are not directly shown in a Statement. To do so, we recommend you to create a new “Recipient” for “Clients with incidences” (or another name you want to give it) to which you can assign these extra incomes/expenses.

How do I create a Blank Strategy in Rental Ninja?

1.You will need to create a Recipient "Clients with Incidences" with a Blank Strategy and save it for these cases. This means you will only use this Recipient if needed; by default it will not earn money from your Bookings.

As you can see in the picture below the Strategy for this Recipient will be Blank:

Blank Strategy in Rental Ninja

2.When you have to reflect an income from an Incidence in one of your Properties for a determined accounting Statement, occasionally you’ll have to use this Recipient.

To balance out the money received to cover this incidence (not coming from any booking breakdown) in the Accounting Statement we create 2 Payments:

  • One for the Recipient “Clients with Incidences” as an Expense

  • One for the Recipient who should earn the money of the Incidence (for example the Agency or Rental Owners) as an Income.

As this is a One Time Expense/Income we have to introduce it in the system with the “Add Item” functionality.

Add item in Rental Ninja

Please consult the following article on how to Add One Time Costs to your Accounting:

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