When you have created your Payments, you will be able to create Invoices.

If you haven't created your Payments yet, please refer to this Article.

Creating an Invoice is done inside the Payment for which you would like to invoice:

Next, you will be able to select the Language in which you want the Invoice, as well as the Invoice Date.

Automatically the Issuer of the Invoice will be the Recipient from the Payment, as you will be invoicing the services of that Recipient.

The VAT amount shown in the Payment will automatically be the one set up in the Recipient’s Strategy, however you can manually Edit it here if needed.

Then, you can choose who you want to be the Receiver of the Invoice.

After clicking “Save” the Invoice is automatically generated.

If needed, you can always edit the Invoice after creating it or create a rectification. See below.

You will be able to Download the Payment including the Invoices and Attachments or send it directly to anyone you want to.

Download, recreate or rectify Invoices

After we Generate an Invoice automatically the “Generate Invoice” button will change to “Invoice” and by clicking on it you’ll see a drop-down menu (see picture below).

  • Option 1: You can download the Invoice you just created.

Note: it will be on the language you selected previously, at the time you generated the invoice for the first time. If you want to change the language click on “Download/email”. (see picture below).

  • Option 2: Is there an error in the invoice you just created? You forgot to add a last minute expense? Not a problem! You can modify it as many times you want by clicking on “Recreate Invoice” .

    The invoice will be recreated with the new updates and with the same number of the previous generated invoice.

  • Option 3: By clicking on “Rectify Invoice” you are undoing the first invoice (RN-5345-1 like in the example two picture above) and generating a new Invoice with the updates or corrections you want and with a different Invoice number (see example in the picture below).

Note: By default the system will allow you to recreate or rectify just the last version of the last Invoice generated, but you still are able to download the previously generated Invoice.

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