To customize the Mobile Guest App/Online Guest Portal with the information you want to give your customers, you simply have to click on "Guests" in the top main menu of the Rental Ninja website.


"General Settings"

In this Section you will set up the general information that will be shown in the Guest App/Portal. This information includes:

  • An introduction text about your Company

  • An emergency contact number of the Agency

  • From here you can also enable automatic PreCheck-in e-mails and set all the PreCheck-in information you would like to require from your guests.

The PreCheck-in form together with the Guest Portal/App will automate the pre-arrival communications and will make sure you have all Guest Details before their arrival to the property.

It will save you a lot of mailing, whatsapp messages and unnecessary phone calls!

To know more about the PreCheck-in form and the communication flow with your customers, please refer to this article.

"Rental Settings"

From here you can enable the Guest App/Web App for each Rental, and activate details such as:

  • The contact person and their telephone number

  • Wi-Fi information

  • Door Key Codes and Door Instructions

  • And more

Note: As the Door code is sensitive information, you can choose to hide it (together with the instructions) until the booking has been fully paid + hide it until the check-in day at the time you choose overriding the default check-in time per Rental set up in your Channel Manager.


For each Rental you can create personalized Guides. In these Guides you can provide your Guest with any wanted information, such as How to Arrive details, links to collaborators, promotional or explanatory videos, pictures, House rules, etc.

  1. Click on Edit Guide to create the Guides of each of your Rentals.

  2. These guides can be any language (and as many) as you want. To do so, click on the "+" icon and choose a language.

3. Add headers, videos, images, links or texts in the order you prefer.

Be aware that your Guests will see the guide according to the order you set up. Hit the "Save" button once you are done.

! You can preview the Guide and Guest Portal by clicking on the Preview button in the Rental Settings of each Rental or in the Guide section itself.

! You can download this guide in PDF by the use of the corresponding button in this same view, so you can send it as an attachment to any of your Guests.

Here is an example of how your Guide could look like!

We are aware that some channels do not allow you to attach files in the emails you send to the customer. This is why we designed a special feature: you can get a link related to a particular booking to download the guide. By sharing this link with your customer, he/she will be able to download the guide in pdf. To get this link, find the booking in the booking section of the "Home" area and click on the "Rental Guide URLS" button. Choose the language and the link will be automatically copied. Paste wherever you need. This link will be usable by anyone until the check-out day of the booking:

Warning: to this link, the Payment & Check-in view restrictions from the "Rental Settings" section are not applicable. However, the door key code is never printed in the pdf for security reasons.

How to give your Guests access to the Guest Portal/App?

After filing in the PreCheck-in form your Guests will be able to directly access the online Guest Portal.

If your Guest would like to access all info offline or if they are frequent Guests of yours, they can still download the Mobile Guest App and enter with the Guest Login Code shown in the Guest Portal.

Please refer to this Article to learn more about the communication flow with your Guests.


You can set up an automatic email via your Channel Manager, by automatically sending the Guest Login code of each Booking. This is possible depending on the Channel Manager you work with.

Contact us to learn more about this option.

The Guest Module is included in the Professional plan.

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