Previously, OTAs (eg. only charged commissions over the Rental Price of a Reservation. Nowadays more and more of them are charging commission over the Fees and Services, especially referring to the Cleaning Service.

The difficult situation is that when the OTA syncs the commission amount with the Channel Manager it normally does not separate the commission between the Rental Price and the Fee.

In order to make sure that you pay the right amount to your Cleaning Service and do not pay them “too much”, including the OTAs Commission, in Rental Ninja we have come up with a solution to make sure everyone earns what they should earn.

How to do this step by step:


  1. Create a new Recipient for the OTAs Commissions of your Fees and Services.

  2. Assign 100% of the affected Fees to this Recipient, if this only affects the Cleaning fees, it will be as follows (depending on the languages in which you publish your listings):

3. Create a Recurring Expense per Booking (Negative Amount) with the exact amount to be paid to the Cleaning Agent/Company/who earns the cleaning service. If for example this amount is 50€ per booking, it will be as follows:


  1. Create or go to the Recipient dedicated to the Cleaning Agent/Company/who earns the cleaning service

  2. Introduce an Income in the Rental Price Strategy as an Exception with the Exact Amount to be earned per Cleaning.
    If for example this amount is 50€ per Booking:

Why as an Exception? The Rental Agency usually is the Recipient that earns 100% of the Rental Price by DEFAULT. Besides this, normally different Cleaning prices are paid depending on the Rental, which means that you will need to Add a different Exception for each Rental with a different cleaning price.

Why include it in the Rental Price Strategy and not in the Fees/Services Strategy?

You CAN Introduce the Income in the Fees' Strategy if you have the cleaning fee stated in your booking breakdown individually - meaning you can see the cleaning fee as a separate income in the Reservation. However, we recommend you to ALWAYS put it in the Rental Price Strategy to make sure the above Strategy is always applied.

For example: If you send a Special Offer via Airbnb the Cleaning Fee will be included in the Rental Price. In this case, you will NOT have a Separate Cleaning Fee for this Reservation, so nobody would be earning the money if it is assigned in the Fees's Strategy. On the contrary if you include it in the Rental Price Strategy, it will always be applied.

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