What is a Statement?

A Statement is the reflection of the earnings of all reservations for the Rentals selected within the Period selected.

It reflects the information of the reservations in your Channel Manager.

It does NOT show you how much needs to be paid to each Recipient. This will be calculated in the Payments/Payouts you create within each Statement, which you can learn to do in this article.

How to create a Statement?

In order to create a new Statement, click on the “+” button on the bottom right side of the screen inside the Statements tab.

The Statements are customizable by selecting the period and the Rental (s) you want to include in them.

In Rental Ninja we recommend you to create a Statement per month for each Rental or Rental Owner. This way you will always have a clear overview of the Incomes generated per Rental and you will be able to trace it back quickly.

Aside from this, if you plan on sharing the Statements with your Rental Owners (and not only the Payouts/Payments that correspond to their earnings), you want to also create a Statement for each Rental Owner, so you’re not sharing financial information that belongs to different property landlords.

Once you have filled in the needed information click “create”. The Statement will then be created; the earnings from the Reservations starting during the selected period of the selected Rentals, will be listed for you in the Statement’s document. The filter to include a Reservation in a Statement is the check-in date.

Within the Statement, the earnings will be separated between Rental Price, Fees/Services, Taxes and Commissions paid to the OTAs.

The amount of the Net Income does NOT include the OTA commissions.

The OTA commissions are separated if your Channel Manager receives the amount charged by the OTA as a commission and if it is shared with us.

Within the Statement, you will be able to access a detailed report with the breakdown of incomes per Apartment, per Fee, per Booking Channel, per payment method, as well as a breakdown of incomes per Booking/Reservation.

If there is any Pending Payment to be received, this will be shown as well on the bottom of the page.

Great, you have created your first Statement!

Go on to the next step and create your Payments to see who earns what.

Side Note: Statements are automatically updated with any modifications made in your Bookings.

This means that even if your Statement has already been generated and a reservation inside this Statement receives modifications, the reservation will be automatically modified in the Statement as well.

But, if needed Statements can also be updated Manually at all times by clicking on the “Edit” button inside the Statement.

You can download PDF files including the Statement, Booking Breakdown and the Payment directly from inside the Statement View. Or if preferred, you can email it directly to your Rental Owner or anyone you want from that window.

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