The problem

Are you trying to register a team and you get an error message like "The email has already been taken."? No worries, we explain to you why here in this article.

When registering a team in Rental Ninja, the system requires also an email to create the team. That email will become the "Team Owner" (check our roles article to know more about this role). What Rental Ninja will do is create a new user with that email provided and then create the team.

So, if that email already exists in another user, Rental Ninja won't be able to create the new user. This may be the situation where you have another user with that email in another team.

The solution

The first thing you can do to solve this situation is to use another email adress that you never used before in Rental Ninja to register the new team. However, if you prefer to use the email that is in use already for the new team, what you can do is:

  1. Log-into your old account, the one with the email you wish to use.

  2. Go to "Your Settings".

  3. Modify your email to another one. You can use another email account you may have or, alternatively, check the next section if you have a google email account. If none of the two is applicable, just contact us.

  4. Logout of that account.

  5. Now you will be able to register your new team with the old address!

If you have a google related email address you can use this trick to generate a new valid email address:

Let's assume that your normal email address is "". You can add "+something" before the "@" to create a new email address, that will be valid to receive emails as well in your normal email inbox. Easy! Examples: my
"", or "".

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