These are the steps to create a Rental Ninja subscription. There is no contract to be signed, only these simple steps. But we remind you here the link to our Terms & Conditions which you accepted when registering with us:

1- Provide your VAT ID

If you wish, you can provide your VAT ID. By doing so, if you are not based in Spain (as we do) you will not be charged any VAT. But you need to do this before subscribing otherwise Rental Ninja will not know your location and will charge you with VAT.

In the event that you forgot to introduce it, you can always introduce it. Your next invoices will come according to your VAT ID.

Go to your Settings area, and choose Team Settings. Then go to the Payment Method section and introduce your VAT ID. Then click on the "Update" button:

2- Subscribe, provide your discount coupon if you need

Now its time to create your subscription. You just need to change to the Subscription section. Remember, you will find this section inside Settings->Team Settings. Choose your desired subscription. You can check first the list of Features of each Subscription by clicking on the Features button.

A new section will appear: Billing Information. Complete your details and, if you have a discount Coupon, provide it's name in the field of the form. Finally, click on the Subscribe button.

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