With Rental Ninja you can add and manage as team members as needed to help you growth in your business. Let's see how to invite a new team member: 

1° Go to Team Members section

From the Rental Ninja homepage, you'll find access to you "Team Members" section in the left menu.

2° Invite New User

Once on your Team members management page, click on the "Invite New User" blue button at the top right.

3° New member details

Then enter the e-mail address and choose a default role in the list for this new team member. (You'll be able to edit that role later if needed)

Finally click on "Send Invitation"

Your new team member will receive an email, inviting him to finalize his account setup by choosing a password.

4° Rentals access

Once their new account is fully setup, you'll be able to select the rentals this new team member will be able to work with.

5° Custom Permissions

Finally, if you want to give your new team member specific permissions in addition to those included by default for its role, you can manage that through the "Permissions" tab.

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