If you are a person who is managing the tasks of your team, this article is for you. All your management tasks can be done with the website. And we recommend you to do so as you will work more comfortable in a website format. However, there are some things that can be also done via the mobile phone, because we understand that sometimes, you are just out of the office making a lot of different staff. What we present you here is the same as the "Team jobs" & "Inspection" views described in this article from the website, but in mobile App format.

If your role in Rental Ninja is Rental Manager or above (Admin/Team owner), when you open the main menu of the App you will see that, under "Tasks" there are three options: My Jobs, Team Jobs & Inspection.

Team Jobs

Under team jobs, you will be able to see all the jobs from your team. They are listed and work in the same way than "My Jobs" view. From here, you can manage all the tasks from your team. For instance, you can change the assignee of a job. To do so, just click on the "View" button of the task you want to change it. Seek for the "Re-assign" button. Another thing you can do is change the inspector of the Job. Click on the three dots button on the top-right corner and select "Change Insp."; then just choose the user that will be the new inspector.

To complete a task, just do it as you would be doing it in "My Jobs" view.


Whenever you need to inspect a job, you will receive a notification of "Completed" job by the assignee. Then you will find that job in the Inspection view. To inspect a job from the list, just click on the "Inspect" button of the card of the job. In the next view that opens up, choose whether you want to Approve it or Reject the Job. If you approve it, it will be removed from your list of jobs to be inspected. If you reject it, the job will be marked as Un-completed, the assignee will receive a notification of so and will see it in his/her list of jobs to be completed.

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