The My Jobs view shows you all the jobs that are assigned to you. They are organised in different tabs depending on the status of the Job: Current, Upcoming, Completed Jobs.

The different tabs are ordered as follow:

  • Current: All Jobs that are to be done today or that are past due.

  • Upcoming: All Jobs that are to be completed in the future

  • Competed: the already completed Jobs

To learn more about the color scheme used in the Task Module, click here.

How do I complete a Job?

A. To quickly complete: click on the Complete button directly in the Jobs list.

B. To complete the Job by checking all Tasks and uploading pictures/videos to it:

1. Click on view the Job

2. Click on each Task to open it and see the description of each

3. Add pictures/videos to the needed Tasks

4. Complete the Tasks

5. Once you've completed all Tasks, the Job will be completed automatically

Important Notes

  • To leave Comments for your colleagues, click on the link of the related Booking, then go to the "Notes" tab in the Booking and add a Comment.

    Comments are notified with a Push-Notification to all Team Members with access to the Rental and with the Permissions to see Comments.

  • The Tasks with a "camera" symbol require a picture or video to be uploaded in order to be able to complete the Task. For the Tasks with the "tick" symbol you CAN upload a picture/video, but it is not mandatory.

  • If needed, you can uncomplete any Task or the Job in its total at any moment by clicking on the "Uncomplete" the button in the corresponding sections.

  • Once you mark a Job as completed, it will be moved to the "Completed" tab. If the job needs to be Inspected by someone, the Inspector will need to Approve it. If it's Declined, the Job will be marked as uncompleted and you will see it again in your current Jobs list.

  • You can bulk complete or delete Jobs from the Web by selecting multiple Jobs at the time, after which you can then click on Complete or Delete on the lower right side of your screen to apply the action to all selected Jobs at the same time.

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