"Ok, I see all those rental permissions but I really want to see what my property owners, cleaning staff, check-in agents and any other person will be able to see once I let them access to Rental Ninja."

That makes sense! What you can then do is to add a test user to play with permissions. You can add a different email account you may provably have or use the following trick only for Google related addresses:

Let's assume that your normal email address is: myaddress@myagency.com. If you have a Google Mailing Address, if you add myaddress+test@myagency.com as a user, Rental Ninja will treat this user as a different user but you will still receive the invitation email at myaddress@myagency.com. Easy! Just accept it and start playing with permissions! In fact, you can type whatever you want after the "+" sign. So: myaddress+owner@myagency.com or myaddress+cleaning@myagency.com.

In any of the two options, once you have accepted the invitation, assign the permissions according to what you think. Then:

  1. Go to your mobile phone, log-out, and log-in with the new user you created. Check the if you are ok with the permissions that you assigned.

  2. If you want to modify them, do so in the website and click on save.

  3. Important: if you now want to get the permissions applied in your mobile phone immediately, close the app and open it again.

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