When the Guest Module and all its features are activated, your Guests will receive the following communications:

1.Receive PreCheck-in Email

The email will be sent automatically and is sent as many times as you will indicate in your set up (General Settings). The system will only keep sending it if the Form has not been filled in yet.

The sender of this Form will be your Company (company's name indicated in Rental Ninja)

Content of the Form:

  • The Guest fills in their arrival details: estimated time of arrival, transportation and contact details.

  • Optional: the Guest fills in their passport details and uploads a picture of their passport.

*Optional: Send Pre Check-in form by SMS

Each SMS costs 0.09€ and will be added to your next bill. For some countries there is a maximum number of characters of only 40 for the SMS. In these cases, the form is sent in 2 SMS to include the entire text to the customer, this means the cost will be 0.18€ per form.

You will choose a sender name that will appear as the sender of the SMS to your guests + choose when you want it to be sent.

FYI: The deactivation of the SMS sending is instantaneous, so you can try it for some days; turn it on and off whenever you want.

Note: All information filled in in the Form will be saved as a Note in the Booking + can be accessed at all times from your Desktop + Mobile App.

You can manually fill in/modify the data from within each Booking by going to the PreCheck-in form button inside each Booking.

2. Once the Form has been completed, the Guest will be able to access the Guest Portal directly by clicking on the "Go to Guest Portal" button.

This can be accessed with the use of their personal Guest Login Code or their QR Code that will be provided to them after entering the Web Guest Portal.

3.Optional: The Guest receives a Confirmation email that the form has been successfully completed and received. In here they will find a button to access the last page of the PreCheck-in form if needed (see above)

Using the Guest Portal/App without sending PreCheck-In Forms

IF you don't want to use the PreCheck-in form, but you do want to use the Guest Portal/App, you have 2 options:

  • Send the QR code or the Guest Login Code* to the Guest. This can be set up in the automated messaging of your Channel Manager (depending on which one you are working with)

  • Manually send the QR code or the Guest Login Code* to the Guest.

*The Guest Login Code is found inside each Booking in Rental Ninja.

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