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Refused Rental Ninja payment // Troubles with payment
Refused Rental Ninja payment // Troubles with payment

My payment is refused // I can't pay my Subscription to Rental Ninja

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Some of our customers have some problems when submitting the payment for our subscription. If this is your case, check this:

  1. Do you have sufficient funds in your account? Check it specially if you are using a pre-paid card (top-up card).

  2. Did your card expired? Check it specially if its a temporary card.

  3. Are you using a virtual card? Very often they give payment problems. Try to use another one.

  4. If you are getting a message that the payment is rejected by the bank and you tried the previous points, speak to your bank to avoid the blocking of the payment. You have also other options:

  5. Add your VAT number, specially if your card is European.

  6. Use a card that has the same origin country as the address you provide us.

  7. In general, avoid trying the payment with multiple cards from multiple people. Stripe will block your subscription because they will think that this transaction can be suspicious of fraudulent acts.

If you want to know a little bit more about it, just keep reading:

Our subscriptions & payments manager is Stripe, widely recognized and known around the world. Your payment details go directly to them and they are checked to avoid fraudulent payments (avoid somebody using a card which is declared stolen). This is the first filter your card details + payment information have to go through. This is why we suggest you points 1 and 2 of the previous list.

The second filter is your own bank. The bank must trust that you really want to do this payment. As we are a small company yet, not well known by the banks, some of them just block the transaction just in case. This is why, in point 3 we suggest you to speak to the bank saying you trust us, thus the transaction can be done.

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