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March - April 2018

New Features Released

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We haven't reached out to you in a while... but we've just been too busy building all of those features you asked for!

New Features

  • New Accounting Module: It's one of the most requested features we've ever had, so we really hope it works as you all expected. More information about it can be found here.

  • New Guests Application: Gives your costumers all the information they need when renting with you. It can even collect payments from them.

  • Many new filters on reports.

  • New modern look on the website.

  • New Channel Revenue Reports on the website.

  • The help center can now be launched from the Rental Ninja Mobile Application.

  • Push Notifications can now be customized from within the app: Silence those PN that don't matter to you.

  • Rental Ninja Announcements can now be seen from the Application.

  • Your user password can now be recovered from within the Application.

  • Unavailable bookings (blocked dates) are now filtered out by default in many screens of the Application.

We've added many small things but mainly, we really hope you find our new modules as useful as possible. And if there's something you don't like, do let us know!

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