Rental Ninja’s Accounting Module is specially designed for the Vacation Rental Industry (for both short and mid term reservations) and will help you keep track of your entire Accounting in just a few clicks.

Our solutions will help you save time and reduce human errors!

Via this module you will be able to quickly generate your Statements and send all the information to any person taking part in your business.

What the Accounting Module offers:

  1. It is 100% adaptable and can be used by any type of Vacation Rental Agency. Size, nor complexity matters!

  2. Our system will automatically calculate the Revenue generated for a specific property or group of them.

  3. You will be able to generate your Statements in just a few clicks for any desired period of time, for any Rental or group of Rentals.

  4. By creating your Payments after generating your Statement, you will automatically see how much needs to be paid to each person/company that took part in the activity and should earn from it, including: Your own Agency, Rental Owners, Cleaning Services, Check-in Agents and so on. You will not need to calculate anything, the system will do it for you!

  5. Even though the calculation of the Payments will be done for you, you will still be able to make last minute changes and add items manually! Everything can be updated to get to the perfect end result.

  6. Keep track of the Payments already made and the pending amounts by marking them as Paid or Partially Paid.

  7. Create Invoices to your Recipients for the services you provide. You can also create the invoices for anyone that collaborates with you on their behalf. All in just a couple clicks.

  8. Keep track of all your incomes and expenses. Know always how much each recipient earned and under which concepts by consulting your Accounting Statistics, based on the Payments made to each of the companies/persons taking part in your business throughout time. If you need to, you’ll also be able to export the data.

To know more about the Accounting Module, move to the the tutorial article:

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