January 2018

New features released

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We've been working very hard to achieve just what we promised: Make Vacation Rental Management as easy as it can be, and to do so, we keep on developing new features every day. Yesterday January 10th we launched a big update on our mobile applications, so please make sure you update!


Some of the new January 2018 features you can find both on the Website and Mobile Application are:

  1. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: You can now get all the latest updates from your business right on your Rental Ninja App! Those notifications include information about bookings, payments, pictures and alerts. If you missed any of them, don't worry, they'll be available for you on the Notifications Section of your Rental Ninja Application.

  2. CHAT SYSTEM. Yeah, that's right. Your own little company 'WhatApp'! We've working very hard to make this one of the top features inside Rental Ninja.
    Right now you can chat with anyone with on your company with the new version, but soon we'll be allowing Group Messages, attachments and much more.
    We're sure you'll love it.

  3. RENTALS SECTION on the website with many filters and detailed reports. Pictures taken on the Mobile Application can also be viewed in this new section. This rentals section is one of the features we'll be pushing harder in the next few weeks, specifically with Accounting.

  4. SHARE PAYMENT URL right from the Application. We've all been there: You're in a check in and the client doesn't have the cash with him or you forgot the payment machine. Don't worry, you can now share the payment url with the client right from the app and you will get notified through a push notification when the payment arrives. For this feature to work, please make sure you've got payments integrated correctly within Smily.

  5. CHANNEL PERFORMANCE STATISTICS. Does AirBnB really perform better than Booking.com ? By how much? Now you can find out and act accordingly.

  6. PERMISSIONS CUSTOMIZATIONS. They can now be customized per person. This feature can be found here.

    - Occupancy Statistics can now be filtered by hiding and showing unavailable dates. Quite useful when you want to know the real occupancy numbers.
    - Column filtering. Report tables can now be filtered by year, month, rental or whatever is important to that particular report.


In the near future we'll be pushing hard so you can:

  1. Group Messages in our chat system.

  2. Notification Settings:  Not interested in some of the push notifications we send? We'll make sure you can snooze notifications for Payments, Chats, or anything you want.

  3. New Push notifications on comments, and more. If you have any ideas regarding push notifications, let us know!

  4. Rental Comparison: We're developing a new section in which you can compare two rentals on the website to see what makes one perform better than the other one.

  5. Reports that take fees and taxes into account.

  6. Custom user roles. You'll be able to save a custom set of permissions as a new role that can be assigned to anyone easily.

  7. Accounting helpers.

  8. Booking View in the website.

  9. Calendar View on the website.

  10. Upload a Rental Information PDF to each rental that you will be able to share with your clients right on the check in. This rental information PDF should ideally include information about the Rental itself, the surroundings and anything you find important.

We'll keep you posted with new features as we release them!

Happy hosting!

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