The home view is the first view you see when you login. This section contains a lot of information, with many different views. If you don't see some of them is because you don't have access to it due to your access permissions setup.

The Home section contains information about bookings, your rentals, pictures and also the Control Center, to see a wide range of statistics to track your business. You can also set the permissions of the users if you are Admin or Team Owner.


This is your control center to control your business/rentals. Whether you are a rental owner or you work for an agency, this section provides you with very powerful information. Check your occupancy, money incomes, cancelations and almost everything. In any of all those graphics, you can select any period of dates you imagine and the rentals you want.

Click on any graphic to expand it and see also very nice tables of information, comparing lots of data.

Useful information for the graphics:
-Each graphic contains a Learn section to help you understand what you are looking at.
-The charts that refer to money can only display information about one currency at the same time. Switch between them using the buttons in one of the corners. Each booking is accounted only in one currency. This means that, in those graphs, if you choose to display the information in euros, the graphic will not add the information of the bookings in other currencies. This is because the value of each currency changes over time and depends on the rates that your changer charges you. This is an important thing to consider when reading the money statistics.
-With your mouse, hover over the pie sections and lines to have the exact value of each data entry.
-Tip: type a city or an owner of some of your rentals. Ok, now you see highlighted the apartments from that owner or the ones in the specified location. But what is more, click on "select" or "unselect" at the end of the search bar! Very practical!
-The percentages shown here in the Dashboard compare the current period with the same immediately previous period. Use currency selector to change over different currencies (only available if you have bookings in more than one currency). Canceled bookings are never taken into account in exception of canceling statistics. Information from deleted Rentals is not displayed in any graphic or table.
-Click on any graphic in the dashboard to expand it: you also have many interesting features there. You can add to the graphic up to the four precedent periods to the selected. So for instance if you select 2018, you can compare with up to 2014. The shown percentages of the totals displayed under the graph are referred to the selected period. Use also the Breakout table underneath to compare exact figures of those periods. Each table line shows the values of each period line shown in the graphic. Color codes are: green if better than the same value from the previous period; red if not. This means that the comparison is done vertically in the table.
-Note: Be aware that this information is updated after some time. So don’t expect to see reflected here a change done some minutes ago.


Find here the information about all the bookings of your rentals. The status column shows the symbol according to the Rental Ninja's symbology system. The guests column also contains some special symbols. The calendar with a cross means that this is actually not a booking, it's a blocking (unavailable dates). There is also a happy face which means that there are some kids coming as guests.

Click on any booking to expand the information.


Use this section to see all the information you can see in Rental Ninja, but sorted by a rental. When you click in a property, you can see it's calendar, list of bookings, specific statistics for this rental, pictures and alerts. You can also go directly to the Guest app settings for this rental or see it's guide. While you are in any of these sections, use the blue arrow buttons in the bottom-right corner to move between one rental and another.


The tasks module allows you to create tasks scheduled according to your bookings or create manual tasks that you will assign to your teammates. Go to the Task Module section of this website manual to check the different articles about this module.


Use this section to see all your Rental Ninja pictures. Be aware that this means that only the pictures you have uploaded via any of the RN tools will be displayed here. You will not see pictures uploaded in Smily, nor the promotional pictures of a property.

There are 3 types of pictures. Read about it in this article.


You can see here all your alerts. Avoid losing money by taking a look at this section often. You will not miss a payment this way!


See here all the notifications that you have received as a user. You will receive notifications depending on your notifications settings in your mobile app. A notification is generated due to certain events and delivered to the users according to those settings. If you deny some of them, even if you allow them in the future, you will not receive notifications of this type generated in the past.


This is a direct link to the Accounting Module. Read this article to know more about it.


This is a direct link to the Guest App configuration section. Read this article to know more about it.


This section allows you to manage your team members. Invite/remove users or choose a role & his Rental access. Read more about this in a specific article: Team members article.


Slack is a communication app very focused in work environments. It allows you to create groups of work and make different conversations depending on the topic inside the work group. Visit their website to know more about them if you need so.

We created this section for those who like Slack and want to receive notifications about their business there. The notifications are the same as the ones you can receive as push notifications in your mobile phone. But we understand that there is some people who is working more at the office and are not using the mobile phone all the time. In this case, you can send the notifications to a channel of your Slack group and forget about the mobile phone.

You just need to paste the URL of the Channel and choose what notifications you want to receive. Ask us if you need help about how to do that!

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